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About the Conference

In the past year, GlobeMed at GWU has grown. This year’s Capitol Hilltop Conference will reflect that growth by working with professors, speakers, organizations, and students from schools and disciplinaries across the country. Together, we hope to engage students in a series of discussions and activities in order to involve them - and our speakers- in the current health dialogue about the ways we can work to transform public health on a global scale.


While there is immense progress being made in the field of global health today, we still have a long way to go. It is imperative to bring together students who care about creating change and connect them not only with each other but with the professionals that are driving forward progress and shaping the world of global health. It is today’s students who will become tomorrow’s global health advocates, addressing the plethora of health issues that plague communities across the world. At GlobeMed at GWU, we are ready to start having those conversations.


To get students from different universities involved in the discussion, GlobeMed at GWU is hosting a conference from April 5th through April 7th, 2018. The purpose of this conference is to Initiate Change as we hope to inspire interested students to:


Be Informed. Be Involved. Be Innovative.

About the Chapter

GlobeMed at GWU is a chapter of the national organization, GlobeMed. Our specific chapter is comprised of 48 members of different backgrounds who share a passion for public health, international development, and global equity. We bring together our independent skills and interests to raise funds and awareness for our partner, Set Her Free, a non-profit organization located in Kampala, Uganda.


Set Her Free provides girls and women with the education, vocational training and rehabilitative services necessary to lead self-determined lives. The program not only provides a temporary residence, but also offers formal education, technical training, counseling, medical care, mentoring, and resettlement opportunities; services geared toward giving young women the necessary tools for a healthy, stable, and independent future.